Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sun Blowing On Both Ends has the details.

Our star is blowing up at opposite ends: On the left, a filament became unstable and crashed down in a loop of fire; on the right, a mid-sized flare detonated and shot a cloud of hot charged particles into space. View the movie here. The newly orbited SDO is studying the connection of simultaneous eruptions as having to do with massive magnetic field disturbances.

The huge gas ejection captured in this photo above isn’t headed our way. But we might get a blast of solar wind on February3 due to a "croissant-shaped hole” that has opened up over the sun’s surface.

A solar wind stream flowing from the indicated "coronal hole" (center top) should reach Earth on or about Feb. 3rd. Credit: SDO/AIA

Note this post references solar holes and solar flares ... they are not the same.

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