Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ObamaSpill: Oil Spill Timeline -- Day 70

Did Obama sell out the American people to BP for an oil spill media blackout and money? If not, where is the news reporting? The mainstream media seems to be airing less information about the crisis rather than more. Anybody know why the net is swirling with rumor of widespread evacuations, and what about those two cleanup workers who have died? Why?

While the facts behind the fears of people in Florida have not been confirmed by the government or BP, they are all rooted in genuine threats to the safety of the public. The oil spill is growing. There is an enormous amount of pressure under the Deepwater Horizon well. The BOP is leaning “10 to 12 degrees,” according to Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen. And the existence of a ‘gas bubble’ under the well field has been confirmed.

While official statements may be designed to prevent mass panic, hiding information appears to be making people even more nervous. And we turned down more skimmers that could not meet the ridiculous EPA requirement of no more than 15 ppm in the discharge water.

Obowma INCOMPETENT big government at it's finest.

Miles of Oil and No Government Action in Sight!

Oil Spill Timeline from RightChange on Vimeo.

You quickly figure out that concentrating so much power in the hands of the federal government is a really bad idea. Maybe we need something like an independent, private Gulf Oil Spill Company. Ready to swing into action at a moments notice, with equipment at the standby ready to deploy. Instead we get the union thugs Jones Act ... Which should be repealed immediately.

Something like what Palin did in Alaska, maybe? I see BP finally bought the Alaskan skimmer -- The sad truth of INCOMPETENCE ---- "Red tape keeps prized oil-fighting skimmers from Gulf, coastline"

And whose red tape is doing this, Obowma's red tape. And who could cut the red tape, Obowma. And who didn't lift a finger, Obowma.

Or maybe we just need competent leadership.

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