Friday, May 25, 2012

Will Cain Drubs Wasserman-Blabbermouth, Again

That’s where Will makes the real “apples to apples” comparison, which Wasserman Schultz refuses to answer, via Daniel Halper at The Weekly Standard:


It’s fair to say that The Blaze and CNN contributor Will Cain wins the Internet today. When pressed on CNN to answer charges of hypocrisy for Barack Obama’s attack on Mitt Romney for his record at Bain Capital as a private-equity executive while actively fundraising from the same industry — in fact, fundraising from the [...]
Yet a little later in the interview she was stumped. “Let’s compare apples to apples,” the other CNN host said to the DNC chair. “It seems to me the criticism you’re offering is that Mitt Romney went into businesses and laid people off. But wouldn’t the apples to apples comparison be that’s exactly what Barack Obama did when he touts the auto industry as a feather in his cap, didn’t the federal government and Barack Obama go in and layoff thousands of autoworkers to save that industry?”
Wasserman Schultz then ducked by changing the topic.
She didn’t just duck — she explicitly refused to answer Will’s question.  It’s entirely on point, though, especially after bailout IG Neil Barofsky reported that many of the dealership closures and layoffs were unnecessary, and the decisions to close them weren’t based on sound economics, either, at least in GM’s case.  In a private-equity arrangement, these kinds of problems would have investors voting with their feet.  In public-equity decisions, such as the GM case, there is no such feedback loop.

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