Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time Warner Cable Kills the Roadrunner

And Makes Several Speed and Price Changes

Time Warner Cable appears finally to be eliminating the Roadrunner brand from their product lineup. As of May 19, numerous markets are seeing the logo and branding eliminated by products, with existing tier names simply seeing the addition of the word "Internet." For example, the company's "standard" tier will simply become the Time Warner Cable "standard Internet" tier.

Markets should also see a shakeup in the pricing of some tiers and services. All markets may see different pricing based on regional competition, but this is an example taken from one market:

•$53.95 for Time Warner 10/1 (Downstream/Upstream) Standard Internet
•$20.00 additional for 20/2 Turbo Internet
•$30.00 additional for 30/5 Extreme Internet
•$50.00 additional for 50/5 Ultimate Ineternet
•$29.95 for 1/1 Lite Internet (Usually a retention only offer)
•$42.95 for 3/1 Basic Internet

All levels of service above Standard will require a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. In addition, the source states that Time Warner Cable's RoadRunner Home-Networking services is going to be re-branded as Time Warner Wi-Fi. It will also see a price break, dropping from $10.95 to $4.95 a month. However, all levels of service above standard include Time Warner Wi-Fi for free. Current 15/1 Turbo users will be 'grandfathered' for pricing but speeds will not increase, and Time Warner Wi-Fi won't be included for those customers.

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