Sunday, October 2, 2011

Herman Cain meets the media at TeaCon Midwest

After seeing the reception TeaCon Midwest gave Cain, it was all but assured that Cain would win the straw poll, which he did with 77.5% of the vote.

From Ed ... I’m heading back home after spending the weekend at TeaCon Midwest 2011 in Chicago, staged by WIND 560 AM at the Renaissance Hotel (actually in the Chicago suburb of Schaumberg). Glenn Beck delivered the keynote speech last night, a passionate entreaty for Tea Party activists to go beyond politics and change the nation through examples of service and accountability. I got some great pictures of Beck, as I was just off the stage to his right, which I’ll include in a Flickr slideshow of a few photos I took, in an update later today.

Brilliant interview one of the best candidates from the debates some of these reporters were doing their homework.

Herman Cain for President.

Lol look at this Ron Paul nut job posing as a reporter, getting his arse handed to him.

Vidoe, while shaky is from Hot Air's Ed Morrisey who was at TeaCom Midwest.

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