Thursday, August 12, 2010

'google alarm'

Did it occur to you that google may not be the only one who has access to this data?

Plug-in tries to wake the world up to privacy issues ... did you know how much stuff is being sent to google while you browse?

Web users who install this browser plug-in hear a loud, buzzing noise whenever they visit a website that relays information to Google.

It might seem intuitive that Google tracks the Web activity of users who search for things at But what's less obvious is that unassuming Web users might have their browsing behavior tracked on other sites, too.

Jamie Wilkinson, a technology entrepreneur unaffiliated with Google, created the 'Google Alarm' plug-in in an attempt to clear up any confusion.

"I'm very interested in exploring privacy issues on the internet, and the collection of data through these tracking bugs that are installed all over the Web is normally a very silent experience," he said. "And so my hope is to make it something more visceral, and raise awareness about the issue."

Wilkinson released the alarm plug-in on his website this week.

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