Saturday, July 10, 2010

You've Been Jive Talked, America -- Hustled By The Street Corner Community Agitator

Many people figured out who Obowma was when they met Rev Wright, and dug into his Black Liberation Theology(BLT) ... Racism, get even with Whitey and all that hate crap Rev Wright spewed in his 'box set' of sermons. But many were so full of genned up hatred for Pres Bush, they were blind to the truth. Huh, where have you heard that before -- 'blind to the truth'?

Was it those teleprompter seances by the fake Styrofoam Greek Temple that did it?

But now all those chickens are staring people in your the face ... Did you know the Black Panthers are preaching the same BLT jive as was Rev Wright?
The racist rules of O's Justice Dept.

In the wake of Adams' expose on how the Obama Justice Department abandoned judgments against the Black Panther bullies for the sake of racial politics, a shocking video clip of one of the lead defendants in the Philadelphia voter-intimidation case resurfaced on the Internet. It shows King Samir Shabazz during a 2009 National Geographic documentary interview spewing:

"You want freedom? You're gonna have to kill some crackers! You're gonna have to kill some of their babies!"

These death threats and white-bashing diatribes are nothing new. Last August, I reported on a sign on display outside New Black Panther defendant (and elected member of Philadelphia's 14th Ward Democratic Committee) Jerry Jackson's home. It reads: "COLORED ONLY: No Whites Allowed." In July 2009, I interviewed poll watcher Christopher Hill, whom Shabazz and Jackson called "cracker" several times while Shabazz brandished his baton.


But with the racism shoe on the other foot, Team Obama and its media water-carriers are exhibiting the very racial cowardice Holder once purported to condemn. Thanks to Obama's Justice Department, these black supremacists are free to show up on the next Election Day at polling places in full paramilitary regalia with nightsticks, hurling racist, anti-American epithets at those exercising their right to vote and at those protecting the integrity of the electoral process.

The reaction of our national media watchdogs: Shhhhhhhh
So tell me, why is anybody surprised, you've been hoodwinked, bamboozled, jive talked on the street corner. Are you still going to buy the crap being ladled by our dear reader the community organizer?

Watch this National Geographic video -- The New Black Panther Party advocates black nationalism and anti-Americanism. Black Liberation Theology, black nationalism and anti-Americanism, taught in the church of Rev Wright, attended for 20 years by Barrack Hussein Obowma.

Full circle. What did you think the good reverend was talking about?

It's not known whether Obowma was in the church on that day -- But if you buy the Obowma audio book 'Dreams of my Father' you can hear Obowma RECITE Rev Wright's own words. Oh really, he doesn't agree with those words, then why did Obowma recite them? Strange. Yes, it's Obowma talking. He left a lasting impression on Obowma, and you can see it today in the DOJ handling of his friends of the New Black Panthers.

In a related posting, exposing the radicals, Big Government does the expose along with Town Hall Magazine. Connecting the dots to the radicals in the White House. Beck would be proud.

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