Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Lesson The 'Sherrod Affair" Affords

This whole Big Government keystone cops debacle affords us all  a view into the soul of what goes on behind big government closed doors and the hidden manipulation of "we the people", and it should give all pause. Where only the chosen, like the NAACP, get invited in, to have explained their concerns, and are assured their needs are being met.

Yes the story of redemption was enlightening as far as it went, but why was it needed, and why is the basic fairness that should be inherent in government been so badly misused. POWER!!!

The lesson here is you really want nothing to do with big gigantic government, they just simply make things like the Gulf oil spill far worse than what would be done if people were left to their own devices. Do you think any group of people would do in the Gulf oil spill crisis what has been done by Big Government? We all know it was bungled badly. Why? Incompetence.

We see the horror stories of the English and Canadian health care fiasco, where people needlessly die at the hand of Big Government, and don't listen ... Why? They are predicting our future if we don't.

That is the lesson staring us all in the face here. We should heed it with passion. And then we should all make our own choices in life, make our own mistakes, but knowing we made them, not some faceless bureaucrat like Donald Berwick in some back room where we seldom get to see in.

Big Government is doom, not salvation. And this 'Shirley Sherrod' video exposes all that for you.

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