Sunday, July 18, 2010

Flashback: Candidate Scott Brown: Financial Regulation will "stagnate" the economy!

Now he is just another glad handing liar politician. Mitt Romney's friend ... pllltttttt

Remember this gem:
Coakley said the problem is the bailout money was given to the banks without attaching conditions on how it could be spent. She said as attorney general she has gone after banks like Goldman Sachs for predatory lending.

Brown said the banks that have paid back their bailout money have "every right" to give out bonuses. He said further regulations on Wall Street would "stagnate" the economy.

Brown continually attacked Coakley on taxes and government spending. He claimed she supports $2.1 billion in new taxes, a figure she disputed.
Just another luing politician. Everybody knows the Finance Reform bill is a joke, and will do exactly what Brown said it would. So why did he support it? How much was he paid off for his vote?

I wonder does he like the racism in the bill as well? All those quotas? The ACORN funds?

A vote for Mitt is a vote for a friend of Brown, in other words a progressive. The finance reform bill is unconstitutional, violates the 4th Amendment all over the place.

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