Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big Gulp And The EPA 15 ppm Requirement

This is, of course, a product of the EPA’s finally backing off on its stupid 15 parts per million water discharge rule, on day 85, rule which crippled the effort to skim oil from the spill for the first two months of this disaster. Something our Obowma should have done from day one, but couldn't until "day 85" when the beaches and estuaries are all oiled up.

This solution is far better than the others, the boomed shrimpers and other sucking clean up vessels. Due to the shallow draft they may not be deterred from working in shallower areas. They also have plans for little gulps, smaller shallower draft barges, should be available soon to start work.

Barges prove to work where other means fails.

Other news of interest, Obowma tries to ban offshore drilling, the third try after two other failed attempts with the court. The new third try is no different than the other two, and if I had my way I would enjoin the Obowma administration and prevent them from doing this again.

Good news is reported that BP’s deep sea robots have successfully placed the new cap on the well head. This new cap, weighing some 150,000 pounds, will have a tighter fit on the Macondo well one mile below the surface. Hopes are high that the new cap will be able to capture nearly all of the leaking oil.

The "A Whale" results are still not conclusive as the collection ports do not appear to be working as hoped. Modification and testing are continued. The "Big Gulp" ocean barges use just brute force to suck up the oil across their whole front section, taking in more oil than other methods.

But never forget, it was not until day 85 that the EPA dropped the stupid 15 ppm water discharge requirement.

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