Saturday, June 12, 2010

USA: Now Commanded by A Ship Of Fools

Want to know what is stopping cleanup work? Why help from other nations was turned down shortly after the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon? Simple, we got it covered, our union workers are on the job.

Yes you read that right, we turned down foreign help because of something called the Jones Act. To perform work in USA waters, vessels must be USA flagged and union crewed. During Katrina, Bush waived the Jones Act ... Obama did not. Obama's oil spill will go down in infamy as the result of bureaucratic bungling and regulatory ineptness. Regulations always come with unintended consequences. A large part of the function of all regulatory bureaucracies is granting exemptions to the moronic rules.

And in this case our Gulf of Mexico is paying dearly.

But don't worry, your healthcare will be stuffed full of moronic rules, racism, rationing and other crap, the sole purpose of which is to kill more people, quicker.

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