Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The O'Reilly Turns

Mediaite has some of the back-and-forth:

Chaffetz said that the FBI should not be given a “master list” of every gun owner in the country, but O’Reilly interrupted Chaffetz to say that he was misrepresenting what he said. O’Reilly said that if you go to flight school, the FBI knows about it, but not if you purchase a machine gun. Chaffetz said O’Reilly’s assertion was “absolutely not true.”

Chaffetz said that anyone who buys heavy weapons has to get a tax certificate from the ATF and pass a background check. O’Reilly countered by pointing out the gun show loophole in the law, to which Chaffetz responded, “You can’t just buy a bazooka.”

The two continued to argue and O’Reilly even began raising his voice with the congressman. And after Chaffetz wasn’t swayed, O’Reilly retorted:

“If the FBI is alerted that somebody is buying 60,000 heavy-duty rounds, they’re going to check it out, because that’s what anti-terrorism is! That’s what they do!… You’re telling me you object to this? This doesn’t intrude on any hunter, anybody with a handgun to protect themself, anybody with a rifle, this is an AK! Come on!”

Chaffetz disagreed: “Absolutely it is.” He even later accused O’Reilly as being “misinformed” about the laws.

Watch the fireworks below:

I guess he can tell by his ratings, the small government people, the people who do not want Obama's oppression, and will ultimately do something about it.

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