Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rush Limbaugh Calls Obama’s ‘Judicial Activism’ Name-Calling a ‘Threat’; Judge Napolitano Agrees

Rush Limbaugh is blasting President Obama for declaring that the Supreme Court would be engaging in judicial activism if it threw ObamaCare out
Limbaugh said, “He has totally and incorrectly defined judicial activism … Nobody ever accuses judges of judicial activism for following the Constitution. Judicial activism is when judges do not follow the Constitution, when they legislate from the bench, when they write their own law … ‘The court must understand’ is one of his sound bites. No, the court must not, does not, have to listen to you. What is this the court must understand? That is a threat.”

In reference to Limbaugh’s statement, Judge Napolitano said, “No one could say it quite as directly and poignantly as our good friend and colleague Rush.” He believes what Limbaugh said is true and points out that it is the job of the courts to enforce the Constitution.

In terms of Obama’s comment that “the court must understand,” Napolitano thinks the radio host is correct on that point as well. He said the court doesn’t need to listen to Obama and he should not be threatening them.

“If he [Obama] shows up at their doorstep and tries to talk to them about this case, or play nice nice to them in public, they should lock the door and not see him.”

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