Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Romney Rule

Straight from the 1984 movie, note the sound track.

The liberal MoveOn.org has produced a new ad comparing the “Buffett Rule” to the “Romney Rule” (which doesn’t actually exist). “Tell Mitt Romney kittens are cute,“ the ad says ”One percent fat cats who won’t pay their fair share? Eh, not so much.”

Featured in the ad are obese felines wearing top hats and monocles, just like all real one-percenter fat cats do.


Foes the audio sound a little like the "1984" news readers?

Hey look the Buffet rule went up in flames in the Senate ... "Buffett Rule" dies in U.S. Senate vote last night, thought to be ineffective ... Yep it's a lie, like everything else Obama does.
Just like Chavez, the commies, go for the stupid vote.

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