Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tase of Our Lives

“Drones are coming to America to a police department near you.” That’s the initial assessment of Catherine Crump, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, who narrates part of a short video clip that explores the Shadowhawk drone and its implications for domestic law enforcement here in the U.S.
The technology is useful, but poses significant privacy risks.”Drones have very powerful cameras attached to them,” Crump says, “they can see a lot more than the naked eye.” In fact, they can even see through walls with FLIR thermal imaging technology.

Crump believes one of the most alarming prospects is that police drones won’t just have cameras on them, but will also be armed with non-lethal weapons.

As can be seen in these photos from Vanguard Defense Industries, the Shadowhawk platform is sturdy enough to be fitted with a variety of “less lethal” munitions.

.... or even lethal weapons. It's a small leap. So why not equip the border with these "less than lethal" weapons?

One of the many uses for drones, why not spy on people. Who knows what dangerous things they are up to in their backyards?

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