Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MSNBC analyst: Working-women vote for Santorum “hurts me”

When she was informed that Rick Santorum won 49% of the vote from working women in Alabama, according to exit polling, MSNBC analyst Karen Finney made the news all about her:
After she was asked by O’Donnell to give her view of the primary results, Finney said, “This woman vote really hurts me.”

O’Donnell then shared exit poll data from Alabama showing 49 percent of working women voted for Santorum.

“That’s why I say,” continued Finney, “it’s a little painful because I’m wondering if those women really heard the full message that, yes, there’s the economy, but if you’ve got to worry about your basic healthcare, how are you then going to be able to do what you need to do in terms of having a job, paying your rent, taking care of your kids?”

Maybe it’s because most working people in America think health insurance is a part of being employed and that having a good job will take care of this.
Or perhaps it’s because working women, by and large, don’t believe that they need government to force employers to provide them with free birth control. 

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