Monday, February 27, 2012

Cruise ship adrift in Indian Ocean

Same ship company as crashed into a reef, rolled over, and killed many. Now stranded in pirate infested waters.

The Costa Allegra is adrift in the dark more than 200 miles southwest of the Seychelles, near Alphonse Island.
Tug boats are on their way to the liner but will not reach it until around 1500 GMT on Tuesday.
The ship is from the same fleet as the Costa Concordia, which capsized off the Italian coast in January, killing 32.
Costa Cruises said in a statement that the fire broke out in the electric generators' room. It did not spread and there were no injuries or casualties.
Inspections of the state of the engine room are on-going, the company says.
Ship immobilized
The liner has sent out a distress signal, Costa Cruises says, and all passengers and crew not involved in fighting the fire assembled at the muster stations.
There are no electric lights on board the ship as the batteries are being used to keep essential machinery going.
The Italian authorities have directed three merchant ships and two fishing vessels towards the stricken liner.
The authorities in the Seychelles say they have sent two tug boats and a coastguard ship to the scene.
The closest vessel to the ship - a French fishing boat - is likely to reach the Allegra at around 2300 GMT, ahead of the tug boats.
A plane from the Seychelles flew over the cruise ship and confirmed that there was "no danger for the people on board," according to Commander Cosimo Nicastro of the Italian coast guard.
Cmdr Nicastro told the BBC that it took the crew a few hours to extinguish the fire.

However the ship probably needs to be towed to a Seychelles port, he said.
Although the ship is in the middle of the Indian Ocean, there are "no problems for the passengers".

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