Friday, February 3, 2012

‘53’ States? This Video of Teens Failing Miserably at a Civics Quiz Is So Depressing It’s Funny

Did you know that “bin Laden” is the vice president of the United States, or that the Civil War led to America’s independence? How about that Canada’s a state?
Well, that’s what some local students at (what appears to be) a Washington state high school think. In a video that’s probably a few hours from going viral, a young man decided to question classmates for a video called “Lunch Scholars.” It is anything but scholarly. HuffPo explains:
Austin, an intrepid young student-reporter, embarks on the noble mission of answering the question, “How much basic knowledge do American high school students really have?” The answer, however, may not be exactly what you want to hear.
“Do you know the vice president of the United States?” Austin asks.
“I don‘t know who it it’s, it’s, it’s somebody….Bin Ladin,” one student responds.
The video continues in similar fashion, asking everything from, “In what war did America gain independence?” (which no one answered correctly without a hint) to “What countries border America?”
By the way, one student says there are 51 states. Maybe he is friends with the girl who thinks Canada is one of them.
HuffPo may have said it best: “If there was ever a movie to make you laugh to keep from crying, it’s this one.”
Let the laughing, and crying, begin:

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