Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mountain bike race down a gold mine - Red Bull Rock Drop teaser

New Zealand's deepest, fully-operational open pit gold mine in Waihi will become part of the most demanding downhill and free ride mountain bike events ever to be seen in New Zealand.

Red Bull Final Descent DH Mtb 2010

Shot on GOPRO. The 12 hour RACE in winter park! These are a mix of a few of my runs during the morning to mid day on TRESTLE DOWNHILL and the BOULEVARD. Crashed twice. And it was really sandy/dusty that day which made everything all the better.... Our duo was 6th in our category (the largest category at the event). I do NOT own the rights to Red Bull or Muse.

Glacier Bike Downhill 2011 144 km/h

Nuts? Maybe, maybe not.

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