Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Statist In Training: Chelsea Clinton makes debut as NBC correspondent [Video]

Chelsea Clinton's transition from an intensely private to a "purposefully public life" became complete Monday night with the former first daughter's debut as a correspondent on NBC's "Rock Center with Brian Williams." (see video below)

Clinton was hired by the broadcaster to tape some of its signature, feel-good "Making a Difference" segments, and her first offering was true to type.

She returned to the state her father had governed for more than a decade to tell the story of Annette Dove, whose personal crusade has been to help disadvantaged youth in the city of Pine Bluff, Ark.

In the piece is a rare glimpse at Clinton's own personal life. She offers up that she can barely cook, but "I did make Thanksgiving."

Williams explained Clinton's role in introducing her debut as the network's "special correspondent."

"She has joined us because she wants to tell stories, just some of the stories she has encountered along the way during her life's travels," he said.

In a segment after her piece aired, Clinton was asked to explain her personal evolution.

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Awful debut ... see this for more

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