Sunday, February 6, 2011

Worry About This!!!

Not worried enough??? ...try this: the Earth's northern magnetic pole is speeding to the East at an accelerating rate, and the North and South magnetic poles may be about to change places.

BTW, this has been known about for a very long time. No human really understands why the Earth’s magnetic poles shift, and although they are constantly in motion, the changes have never before been so dramatic to result in modifications at airports. The North Pole is now moving at about 40 miles a year, very fast.

The strength of the earth's magnetic field is also dropping, rapidly. It has fallen about 5% in the last century.

The pole strength and movements foretell a quickening of the pace as far as geologic time is concerned, the the "flip, dip and reconfiguration" of our poles, may be close at hand. 

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