Monday, February 7, 2011

What Liberals Did To Detroit

Don't everybody know that Obama just gave these car companies to the unions pension plans? Screwing all others in the process?

Would you expect anything Eminem did to not be a F@@@you thing? The Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial is as good an example of that as you need. Maybe the ad wasn't an appeal to car buyers, but rather politicians. According to the Detroit News, Chrysler is seeking a better deal on its bailout.

What an ugly commercial. So why build engines in Mexico??? Sure isn't the same as the “thank you” commercial which aired on Thanksgiving, now is it. And what about the drug use at the assembly plants?

Crowder explains how liberals destroyed Detroit in his "The Death of Detroit":

and how liberals destroyed New Orleans, NYC ... and on and on it goes.

BTW, the hottest fire makes hard, brittle easily busted steel.

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