Thursday, February 3, 2011

West On The West and Islam

Imagine if more political leaders had this clarity.

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Anonymous said...

I saw Allen West for the first time last night on the Tea Party panel, C-Span.
Very impressive! I would like to see this man run for President in the future..but not 2012..I feel that he is currently of much greater value in the House at this time. But.. I sure hope we have some Presidential candidates of this caliber on the Republican ticket in 2012. I quite frankly am tired of seeing Romney and other 2008 candidates on the polls for 2012. The only one I was impressed with at all was Huckabee..but I don't think any of them had what it took to win. McCain lost the run for us..he's shown his colors to be far too liberal just as his buddy Lindsey Graham has! The country can't handle another term under Obama..we'll be lucky to survive this one.