Saturday, February 12, 2011

Iranium, The Film

The movie Iranium premiered on February 8, and has made a lot of noise since then. First, the Iranian Embassy in Canada tried to prevent it from being shown. Then Islamic thugs threatened the organizers. Then the Iranian Foreign Ministry released a statement saying the documentary shows Western countries will do anything to hurt Iran’s nuclear activities. Quite clearly, the Islamic regime is fearful of this documentary, which vividly reveals the truth of Iran’s three decades of terrorism, human rights violations, and the dangers of nuclear arms in the hands of the radicals ruling Iran.

However, BBC Persia, in its recent coverage of the movie, has topped Iran’s own PR attempts.

The narrator concludes that the screening of Iranium and the warm reception it has received from Republicans could be a sign of strong actions against the Iranian regime in the coming months.

Iranium - National Screening Event on Feb 8, 2011.  Missiles in 'Hezbollah' Lebanon??? Hey didn't Obama just allow Hezbollah to take over Lebanon? Europe, are you listening? And didn't Obama just remove USA anti-missile defenses against these Iranian missiles from Poland? Weird coincidences, or planned expansion of the Caliphate?

Who does Obama work for?

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