Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obama's WTF Speech

Obama's WTF speech, too many lies have gone before -- Despite Obama’s reference to the scare heard round the world, the Communist's “Sputnik moment,” Rasmussen’s poll of voters on the issue of spending showed almost no movement at all from the pre-speech baseline.  In fact, it got ever so slightly more negative:
The president’s Tuesday night State of the Union speech had little impact on support for his new spending proposals in areas like education, transportation and technological innovation.
Rasmussen Reports asked voters the same three questions about the president’s economic proposals on the two nights prior to the speech and then again on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
On the first two nights, 39% supported the proposals. On the next two nights, support was 41%.
Fifty percent (50%) of Likely U.S. Voters now oppose the federal government spending more money in areas like education, transportation and technological innovation, up from 45% in the previous survey. Forty-one percent (41%) favor the idea, a two-point increase from before. (To see survey question wording, click here.)
On the issue of overall spending and the economy, a near-majority of 49% believe spending cuts will benefit the economy more than spending.  Just over a third believe more spending will stimulate the economy.  Among independents, however, 61% back spending cuts against only 23% that want increased spending.  Obama didn’t even really make the sale among Democrats; only 57% believe more spending will boost the economy.

BTW: The Soviet's Sputnik caused such a scare, because the world was afraid the Soviet's could put a nuclear bomb in orbit, and de-orbit at will. Pretty much what Iran is now trying to do. The ultimate terror weapon.

We are now spending more money than we have, 10% of GDP is now new debt, and are on the verge of bankrupt. The CBO said yesterday that $1.5 Trillion is the 2011 budget debt, if we had a budget, that is. The US GDP was about 14 trillion.

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