Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sharktopus Goes Blu-Ray

What's the difference between awesome and awful?

The eight-tentacled eating machine swimming to Blu-ray this March has been fully detailed! Starz/Anchor Bay says 'Sharktopus' will be available on Blu-ray on March 15.

 Oscar nominee Eric Roberts slums it as a genetic scientist who creates a shark/octopus hybrid for the U.S. Navy as a weapon that gets out of control. The film is also touted as featuring a hilarious cameo by legendary producer Roger Corman.

In addition to capturing the hearts and minds of millions of viewers, 'Sharktopus' gripped critics with its outrageous fusion of horror and humor. called it “Awesome! An apex moment in Syfy’s history,” while declared the film “full of kickassitude!” Reelz Channel said the film “…has all the blood and bikinis you've come to expect from the Roger Corman Film Factory,” and Joe Crowe from noted “'Sharktopus' finally gets it right. That’s how a creature feature should be done.”

Check out the trailer!

Comedy horror at it's best. Right?

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