Friday, July 16, 2010

Obowma Says

UPDATE: Did you know it's illegal, especially for a US Senator to do so, as this 2007 Obama campaigning for Riala Odinga photo shows -- to campaign in a foreign country if not expressly authorized to do so? Yes it really is, the law was put in place under President John Adams and its called the Logan Act. Obama spent 6 days campaigning in 2006 in Kenya. And who was Obama campaigning, for a pro-communist candidate running against Nairobi's pro-American government – "in outrageous contravention of U.S. policy and, probably, federal law."

From the WSJ: White House Official: Recovery Act Has Created 3 Million Jobs

A delusional Obowma White House says they have created 3 million jobs, in the latest attempt to sell ignorant people on his recovery summer bullcrap. Obowma thinks he is talking to these people below, like in the old days, where the people were too ignorant to understand.

Pre election 2008 photo of Obowma campaigning for Odinga in Africa.

Video of the Obowma during the Odinga Kenyan campaign ... pre-2008 American elections.

And here is a recent Rev Wright video, explaining what Obowma was learning in 20 years of seat time in his Black Liberation Theology preaching church.

In hindsight, don't those Styrofoam Temples look really stupid?

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