Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zimbabwe: This Is Hungry

Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe -- Local villagers fall upon the body of a dead elephant, starved of meat they reduce the huge carcass to bones in under 2 hours.

24 hours later the bones have also gone, all that's visible are the fresh tracks from the remaining elephants returning to Mozambique under cover of darkness.


Not quite done:

The end:

More here:

The sordid tale of Zimbabwe's tyranny, Jimmy Carter's Mugabe:
The Carter administration had declared that though the 1979 election of Muzorewa had been conducted in a "reasonably fair way," it did not merit the United States' support because Mugabe was not involved. The 1980 election, on the other hand, which Mugabe won largely by threatening violence, the Carter administration declared to be "free and fair," leading to the lifting of sanctions. Mugabe, it seems, would have liked to return the favor. In 1980, mere months before Carter would resoundingly lose his reelection bid to Ronald Reagan, Zimbabwe's new prime minister told African-American leaders at a White House ceremony that if Carter "were running in our territory, he would be assured of victory."

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