Thursday, February 25, 2010

Question for the Rude Crude Socialists Obama: Why Would You Hire This Ron Bloom As Your Manufacturing Czar

If you say you love the free market and are not a SOCIALIST?

Who is looking out for Americans? For America? America, you've been had by a bunch of lying socialists. From the fraudulent Obama election on ... And one thing Americans do not like is liars.

Talking in Communist code language, are we?

And then just yesterday, our really good liar was trying to tell some business attendees he was not a Socialist. Here is Socialist Obama's manufacturing Czar ...

And so tell me, why would rude crude socialist Obama NOT have a socialized medicine prison for Americans.

Public sector unions are killing America with their pension demands and salaries that cannot be met. Tell me, why exactly, are there public sector unions?

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