Thursday, June 4, 2009

Long Standing Hate -- It Never Goes Away

First the punch line:
All this should disturb Democrats because it fuels a general and growing perception (cf. Sotomayor's white-male references, Eric Holder's "cowards" remark, the serial Obama apologies abroad, the confusion about America being an important Muslim nation, etc.) among the public that something very strange is going on — a sort of generic anger being expressed at the highest levels of government that seems fueled by long past resentments against a perceived establishment that at times apparently is to roughly characterized as white, or white male, or rich, or Christian, or something other than poor, of color, or of female?
Most people, whatever their race, are not rascists, are not bigots, and don't walk around daily looking for race issues. Honesty is not racism, or bigotry.

Isn't it odd that this is how you hear Michelle Obama and everytime she speaks? Like there is something wrong with her world view, something about her pampered life that remains unfufilled? And isn't this the same as you read Sotomayor and her bigotted white guy comments.

Does the same hatefilled anger infect both the same, yes I assume so. And Obama as well. Rev Wright did his job, blame whitey for everything.

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