Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Giant Kangaroos Were Consumed

Not killed off by the global warming hoax as originally thought.

The extinct 'Procoptodon goliah' which roamed around Australia 45,000 years ago, stood tall at 6’5, weighed over 500lbs, had the face of a koala and the body of a sturdy kangaroo. And apparently it was delicious.

Scientists think they have discovered the reason behind the demise of the
prehistoric Australian marsupial Procoptodon goliah – better known as the giant,
short-snouted kangaroo. They say it was not climate change, as has always been
assumed, but hungry Ice Age hunters.

The animal – about three times bigger than a modern-day kangaroo and
with slightly different features - was one of many Ice-Age megafauna whose
demise has long been debated among experts, but usually put down to the changing

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See, everything isn't caused by the AGW hoax, some things just got eaten.

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