Friday, April 3, 2009

Hillary and the Lies She Tells Greta

Going to need better liars these days: I just heard Hillary say that she was sad the AW 1994 expired in 2004 and the huge murder rate in Mexico tracks gun sales from the USA. So I said, I wonder, what happened to the murder rate in Mexico when the AW ban expired in 2004:

2000 — 14.11
2001 — 13.94
2002 — 13.04
2003 — 17.5
2004 — 11.1 <<===== AW ban expired
2005 — 10.6
2006 — 10.8

So the big year was 2004 and, wait for it, wait, a little longer. Looks like that bogus argument goes up in smoke as just so much Clinton hogwash. The murder rate is dropping, more guns less crime? It’s not murder that is the problem, it is the drug gangs fighting each other and the Mexican government for control of the cash flow from the illegal drug trade.

Now we have politicians lying to us in droves, about near everything.

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