Thursday, April 16, 2009

Europe Thinks Obama Is A Chrismatic Dunce

Proof that President Obama is not quite as popular across the Atlantic as he thinks. The Times has an amusing piece about Nicolas Sarkozy taking swipes at Barack Obama.

On the US President, Mr Sarkozy said: "Obama has a subtle mind, very clever and very charismatic. But he was elected two months ago and had never run a ministry. There are a certain number of things on which he has no position. And he is not always up to standard on decision-making and efficiency," he said

In another swipe at the American leader, Mr Sarkozy was quoted today making a dubious joke about the Obamania sweeping the European media. According to L'Express news magazine, Mr Sarkozy talked to another set of visitors about Mr Obama's planned visit to the Normandy beaches in June, Mr Sarkozy said: "I am going to ask him to walk on the Channel and he'll do it, you'll see."

In a separate piece, the Times notes:

The American President's call "to free the world of the menace of a nuclear nightmare" was hot air, Mr Sarkozy's diplomatic staff told him in a report. "It was rhetoric – not a speech on American security policy but an export model aimed at improving the image of the United States," they said.

So much for all the empty rhetoric from the Obama team about the new president raising America’s standing in the world . . .

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