Thursday, April 30, 2009

BMW M3 vs Prius

Which has better gas mileage?

And which is 'more green' ... The efficiency of the free market is really good.

The carbon footprint of this 'green' vehicle is astonishingly-large. Taking the energy costs and emissions of building the thing and then safely disposing of the noxious components in its batteries into account, you'd have to drive it to Venus and back before you saw any real planet-saving gains.

And there's not much point driving to Venus anyway - the place is hotter than hell due to global warming caused by all those pesky Venusians driving SUVs.

It has also been calculated that the Prius would actually be kinder to the environment - and deliver better performance - if the batteries and electric motor were removed completely. The feeble petrol engine would then have far less weight to drag around and would use a lot less precious fossil fuel.

So let's consign hybrids to the dumpster of history and examine the alternatives.

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