Friday, March 27, 2009

Hannity's Turn

Tonight was Hannity’s turn to do an interview with Daniel Hannan, the MEP from England who railed against Gordon Brown, he appears truly taken aback by all the celebrity.

Yet, he has crystallized in one short speech, the call for "stop the power grab mania" in America. What he doesn’t realize is that his warnings against socialism, a huge government and nationalized health care are resonating with a large portion of American public now, as Obama and his administration continue to try and wrest power FROM the people to take FOR the government. Are you ready for health-care rationing? Energy rationing? Prosperity rationing?

I think not. Obammunism is not what America wants, and I bet not what the hopey changers thought they heard Obama say. Who didn't know Obama was a Marxist? Read his damn books, if you have any doubt. Demagogues come along in history every so often, people with a gift for reading the teleprompter just so, and convincing ignorant people they can have lots of other people's stuff if they will just vote for me. Legal revolution it's called. Just what Hitler did in Germany in the early 30s. Hitler took over dictatorial control of Germany legally, and then once that control was legally obtained, took Germany into total tyranny.

I have often wondered how it happened.

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