Monday, March 30, 2009

Thomas Paine, Got some time

The original Thomas Paine was a libertarian, and in some quarters is seen as the spark that got it all started for America. He originally wrote a pamphlet called "Common Sense" the arguments contained are often debated today. He had a knack for making things easy to understand by the common man. Originally the pamphlet was published anonymously, before Paine finally owned up to the work. At the time of it's publication, the question of revolution was still undecided, so anonymous made common sense.

UPDATE and BUMP: YouTube star summoned to White House?
The man who created two phenomenally successful "We The People" YouTube videos urging Americans to stand up against Congress and reclaim their republic now – or perhaps lose it forever – reportedly has been summoned to the White House by President Obama to discuss the subject matter of the short films.

Bob Basso, who posts videos under the name funbobbasso on YouTube, has created videos in which he portrays Thomas Paine, author of the "Common Sense" pamphlet that made the case for independence during the American Revolution.

Basso, whose website offers his services as a motivational speaker, uses the YouTube presentations to condemn "non-representing representatives" and warns, "Only when they feel the almighty wrath of 'We The People' marching in the streets from California to New York shouting 'We're mad as hell and we want our country back' will they get the message they work for you."
Basso's first video:

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