Thursday, March 26, 2009

Buying Grenades And Rocket Launchers in the USA

I find these kinds of twisted liberal stories best read in the foreign press, that report what is actually being said, rather than what in tried to be conveyed as having been said. Take this little bit from the London Telegraph from Mrs BJ Clinton's Mexico trip. Ostensibly she talked about Americans buying illegal drugs causing the drug war in Mexico.

Yes it's probably true, that Americans who want drugs are causing the market to respond and supply drugs. A bad situation. But the war on drugs has been used often enough to restrict American's freedoms, it's high time we gave it up. Legalize them, and punish the user who get stoned in public, drive cars and endanger other people.

Back to the news, there is this little bit left out of reports designed for USA audiences:
Hillary Clinton admits US blame for Mexico drug violence

Mexico has repeatedly said it cannot contain the increasingly brutal cartels, now armed with grenades and rocket launchers, if America does not do more to stop the drugs gangs buying guns in the US, where they are much easier to obtain.

"It's not only guns. It's night vision goggles. It's body armour," said Mrs Clinton. "These criminals are outgunning the law enforcement officials." More than 8,000 people have been killed in drug-related fighting since January 2008.
I am surprised she didn't apologize, but I digress.

But I am left confused, not hard to do when listening to Mrs. BJ Clinton. How exactly does one buy Grenades, Rocket Launchers and full auto rifles in the USA? Since all this stuff is greatly restricted, if even available. At gun shows I have attended recently, if there is one full auto rifle for sale, and at prices of $3-5,000 each, who would be trying to sell more than one, it's a curiosity. Crowds gather to just see it in the flesh. So can't you just see the average Mexican dirt farmer, drug dealer on the side, stumbling into a gun show to pick up few grenades? Or even doing a few straw purchases of grenades.

The premise of this whole story is just silly.

So what is going on? Simple, it's the leftards and their old saw "we need more gun control in the USA so Mexico can be free from the drug weapons they get from Venezuela". Huh? Venezuela? Yes, you heard me right, the weapons of the drug trade in Mexico are mostly Soviet era weapons, likely imported through Venezuela, if not other places in South and Central America. Nope, won't find the information in the USA news press, "news" is an oxymoron anyway, that would be too damaging to their socialist buddy Chavez, but here it is:
"Venezuela's Chavez orders Russian warplanes, plans gun factory"


Recent purchases have included 100,000 automatic rifles from Russia

Speaking during a ceremony to present the new rifles to soldiers in Caracas, Chavez said his government would soon build a factory to produce Kalashnikov machine guns.
So where again are the weapons coming from Mrs. BJ Clinton? And why is the drug trade in Mexico America's problem again? And isn't it true that our good friend Hugo Chavez has the most to gain with supplying weapons to the Mexican drug gangs and destabilizing the USA- Mexican border? Maybe a few bombs are in order, on Venezuelan arms factories.

Except for the little problem, Hugo Chavez is the USA leftards best bud.

Like Daniel Hannan, MEP for South East England, says, you lose all your credibility when you go to other places and expect the DNC parrot media to hide what was really said.

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