Wednesday, August 6, 2008

McCain Says Build 45 Nuclear Power Plants by 2030

Under plans already announced, China intends to spend $50 billion to build 32 nuclear plants by 2020. Some analysts say the country will build 300 more by the middle of the century. That's not much less than the generating power of all the nuclear plants in the world today.

By 2020, the Chinese economy is expected to be the world's largest. No word on how small the U.S. economy will have shrunk under Obambi's rule and the rest of the Marxist Democrats plans.

When does McCain's nuclear plan get really aggressive about building new nuclear power plants? 45 new reactors by 2030 seems a little light, if you are really serious. The U.S. currently has 103 nuclear reactors generating electricity, many will have to be retired before 2030 as their useful life may not last that long.

Florida has 4 new nuclear reactors on the planning boards right now -- They have begun the approval process.

So how about we go for an additional 200 nuclear reactors by 2020? Everybody always talks "Manhattan Project", so how about it? Let's get really serious about nuclear alternative energy.

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