Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lamenting The Consensus That Never Was

Has the tipping point been reached?

I rarely if ever read the NY Times, far better more accurate news and commentary is available elsewhere on the Internet, but this was just too juicy to pass up. There has been a dearth of Global warming alarmist articles, signalling an end to the hype -- It's reached tipping point among most of the public. In the past when you would talk to some random guy on the street, you almost always got the answer "we have to do something' in some form. Now you get the immediate retort "I don't believe in that". Something has changed.

That change has taken a simple form, the evidence of CO2 driven global warming, that is the real empirical evidence, the data, does not support the hypothesis. CO2 causes nothing harmful.

Now the NY Times laments ...
When science is testing new ideas, the result is often a two-papers-forward-one-paper-back intellectual tussle among competing research teams.

When the work touches on issues that worry the public, affect the economy or polarize politics, the news media and advocates of all stripes dive in. Under nonstop scrutiny, conflicting findings can make news coverage veer from one extreme to another, resulting in a kind of journalistic whiplash for the public.

This has been true for decades in health coverage. But lately the phenomenon has been glaringly apparent on the global warming beat.
So the methodology of using false information put out to effect people's behavior by phony health data is now being blamed for causing the demise of the man caused CO2 warming hoax. BTW, is salt good or bad for you this week?

Does it help to have people like Speaker Pelosi bleating on TV that she "I'm trying to save the planet" -- Or does it just make people walk off shaking their heads? I choose the latter, no one could be so dumb as to think 'they can save the planet' -- Earth has been through far worse times in it's 4.6 billion year of existence, than anything man could dish out. For starters, how about the asteroid impact that allegedly wiped out 95% of life on earth. Or the last ice age, which had the sea level some 400 feet below today's level. Yes, that means all those precious reefs, the Great Barrier reef, the Florida Keys and so forth, were all laid bare. What happened? They are still here after all that. How did that happen.
In a news media universe where specialized reporting is declining and a Web mash-up of instant opinion and information is emerging it is ever more important for scientists to take responsibility for communicating in ways that stick, while sticking with the facts.
If that had been the case, the whole AGW cock-up would not have ever happened. But why did it happen? Simple, taxes, pay more in taxes so government can pretend to control the weather. The global warming hoax was just the guilt trip part to make you 'want' to pay more in taxes.

Case in point
Roger A. Pielke Jr., a political scientist at the University of Colorado, warned that the focus by the public and media on the stream of evolving climate science could distract from the need for policies now that made sense regardless of uncertainties. “The example of reducing losses to hurricanes is a good one,” Dr. Pielke said, “where the actions that make the most sense are really independent of the debate over greenhouse gases and hurricane behavior.”
Do we really need an elaborate hoax to get people to realize they should build stronger higher houses to avoid having those houses destroyed by hurricanes? Not likely. Doesn't the average Joe know that instinctively without prodding? Well no they don't. For the longest while there has been a disconnect. Florida has some of the best building codes in the country in regards to hurricane protection, hurricane resistant structures. But at the same time, Florida allows mobile homes, yeah those aluminum trailers, to be placed away from the coast. In actuality, there is no 'safe place' in Florida for trailers.

Wilma struck our place, we had damage, nowhere near total loss. Wilma also went all the way across Florida in under 5 hours and exited near Jupiter Florida as a weakened 110 mph storm. SO tell me, what part of the Wilma trek was safe for Florida mobile homes. Our house is on a bay about 3 miles from the coast, stronger house construction, less damage -- I rest my case.
“The same might be said for many health studies on fat, coffee, carbs,” ... “The lesson from experts is to eat a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise,” which stays the same despite the various disputes.
Doesn't everyone know that? Probably not.
Morris Ward, the editor of the Yale effort (, says that it will be up to the public to choose to be better informed on momentous issues that do not fit the normal template for news or clash with their ingrained worldviews. “At some point,” he said, “the public at large has to step up to the plate in terms of scientific and policy literacy, in terms of commitment to education and strong and effective political leadership, and in terms of their own general self-improvement.”
The end. No longer can we trust politicians with science -- That's been aptly demonstrated.

More here.

If you want the truth, that is what little we know, about global warming, buy the video "The Great Global Warming Swindle". It should be coming out in the near future, and no, I have no connection to it's production.

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