Monday, December 24, 2007

Hybrids Are Not Worth The Investment

Unless of course the Democrap Congress mandates you buy one, then what are you going to do? Hey I have an idea, why not drill in ANWR and in the other 85% off limits areas of the US coast. There are huge amounts of untapped oil out there, if we can get rid of the socialists in congress who have now seized on the stupid notion of man caused global warming as the reason for submitting to tyranny.

I would venture a guess that the entire life cycle cost to resources, from the start of manufacturing to the end of life burial of these cars for idiots would be in favor of current technology.

It takes energy to move mass, and one of the few ways to get better fuel mileage is reduce weight. For about every 10% reduction in weight you gain about 6% in fuel mileage. The other way to do it is to improve efficiency. Notice that these hybrids do not achieve the 35 mpg mandated by the Democrap Congress.

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