Sunday, December 2, 2007

For The AGW Obsessed

A study released Friday using satellite data has found no signature of CO2 induced greenhouse effects in the atmosphere. None, zero nada. If the warming were caused by the CO2 greenhouse effect, there would be a definitive greenhouse signature present, detectable by satellite observation. There is no signature present, the very distinct greenhouse signature is entirely missing

Proof positive AGW a hoax. Source ICECAP. Get Dr David Evans summary paper here.

Many of those so-called scientists who continue to support the global warming hysteria ignore actual measurements in favor of computer models. The computer models would seem to support their flawed conclusions about global warming while actual, real-world data does not. Satellite data is assumed by most real scientists as the highest quality there is -- The amount of money spent on sensors and recorders dwarfs most budgets. It's also of note that weather balloons and the data they collect substantiates the satellite readings. Nothing cross checks or substantiates the computer models -- GIGO, garbage in, garbage out.

Worth reading.

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