Friday, April 27, 2007

Gen Petraeus On Iraq

General Petreaus, the top US general in Iraq, gave a stark message to Washington officials at the Pentagon today when asked what would happen if the US forces pulled out as the Defeatocrats plan calls for. Petraeus said, as quoted from the video below:
"My sense is that there would be an increase or resumption in sectarian violence were the presence of our forces and Iraqi forces were to be reduced. It can get much, much worse than it was."
General Petreaus pointed to two worrying developments- the increased profile of Al Qaeda in Iraq and more and more evidence obtained by US forces that Iran is trying to destabilize the situation by funding insurgent groups.

It is absolutely appalling that this did not even make it into the mainstream news articles! Why do you think that is???

General David Petraeus gave a press briefing in Washington this morning, 4/26/07. You may have seen news accounts of it, the headline generally was along the lines of "Petraeus Says Things May Get Worse." This is the propaganda reduction of a full hour's briefing spoon fed to the eager brain dead public to summarize the day's template journalism. Short and sweet, but it's a lie. If you want to see the whole thing in context, it's a little over an hour, here it is. Needless to say, there is a great deal more information than can be conveyed in any short Democrat propaganda slanted negative news story.

This video comes from the Pentagon Channel, an excellent web site that includes a daily news show with footage from Iraq and around the world.

Full transcript here.

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